Yunfeng Cai

Research Fellow

Personal Profile

I am now a research fellow at DESC, School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking Uinv., P.R. China.
From Jan. 2010 to Jul. 2012, I was a postdoc at Dept. of CS, UC Davis, US.
During 2009, I was a postdoc in Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
I revceived my PHD degree from Peking Univ. in Jan, 2009.

Research Interest

large scale eigenvalue problem with applications in electronic structure calculations, inverse eigenvalue problems, tensor decomposition, etc.

Teaching Courses

Numerical Linear Algebra II

Sep., 2016, Sep., 2015,Sep. 2014, Sep. 2013, Sep. 2012

graduate students and undergraduate students from Math.

Advanced Mathematics B/C

Feb. 2015, Feb. 2014, Feb. 2013

undergradute students from Medicine, Physics, Guanghua Management.


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Tensor Decomposition


Education Background

Peking University

Sep. 2004 ~ Jan. 2009

PHD in Computing Mathematics.

University of Science and Technology of China

Sep. 2000 ~ Jul. 2004

Bachlor degree in Mathematics.

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