Preconditioned steepest descent method with implict deflation (PSDid)

Download the MATLAB code and test DATA from the following link:

  • MATLAB code and test DATA psdid.tar.gz
  • MATLAB code psddriver.m psdid.m
  • Test DATA harmonic1d.mat ceal_n8_r2.mat
  • You may also generate your own test data by running driverpufe1d.m in by N. Sukumar).
    In the example, the differetial equation for a one-dimensional harmonic oscillator
    - ½ ψ"(x) + x2 ψ(x) = E ψ(x)
    is discretized by partition of unit finite element method or linear/quadratic/cubic finite element.
    With your own input parameters, a file HS.mat will be generated after each run of driverpufe1d.m.
    And the coefficient matrices H and S are stored in this mat file.